A Knife That Combines Beauty and Functionality

A Knife That Combines Beauty and Functionality
Photo: Brittany L. Chin Jones, MS, RD, LD

Product reviewed: Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku 

I think everyone has a favorite knife – the one you reach for regardless of what you are cooking, and the one you are really upset about being dirty when you go to make a dish (but it’s always dirty because you use it for everything). For me, this is a smaller chef’s knife (about 5½ to 6 inches rather than the larger 7 to 8 inches) because I have smaller hands, and I find I have more control with a smaller knife. I have one go-to, but it is older and starting to dull (my next investment needs to be a knife sharpener), so it was time to try something new.

When I got the opportunity to review the Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku knife, I knew the first dish I wanted to make: soup with onions, carrots and tomatoes, which involves lots of chopping!

My first impression of the Santoku was that it’s unbelievably light! The Shun website describes this knife as being lighter than some of the brand’s other knives, and it’s true. In fact, it’s lighter than the similarly sized chef’s knife I own. At first, I took the lighter weight as a flaw, thinking it was not going to perform as well – but, boy, was I wrong!

Over the past month, this knife has become my favorite, especially for finely chopping vegetables and herbs, which is what I do most of the time I’m in the kitchen. It fits very comfortably in my hand, and I move through chopping and dicing vegetables very quickly.

Something the Shun website description does not say is how thin the blade is; it is much thinner than the other knives in my set, which makes it perfect for slicing shallots paper-thin, cutting carrots into medallions and small-dicing an onion. The precision is amazing.

Have I mentioned how beautiful this knife is? My husband and I have had several dinner guests compliment the hand-forged knife design inspired by ancient Japanese samurai swords – Shun’s signature style. On top of being functional and precise, it also is a piece of art!

In summary, the Shun Premier 5.5-inch Santoku knife is perfect for cooks who are comfortable with a smaller chef’s knife. This everyday knife has a very thin blade, making it ideal for thinly slicing vegetables and herbs.A Knife That Combines Beauty and Functionality - It is very comfortable to use and is stunningly beautiful! This kitchen staple would make a wonderful wedding shower or housewarming gift.

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Brittany Chin Jones
Brittany L. Chin Jones, MS, RD, LD, is the owner of Blush Nutrition, LLC and the Continuing Education Chair for the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SCAND). Over the years she has served as the Piedmont Dietetic Association president, SCAND PR-Media Chair, and the Communications Chair for the Thirty and Under in Nutrition Dietetics member interest group. Follow her at BrittanyJonesRD.com and on Twitter and Instagram.