Gardening Made Easy with the Veritable Exky Classic Garden

Gardening Made Easy with the Veritable Exky Classic Garden - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Kitchen Tool Review
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Product reviewed: Veritable Exky Classic Garden

I absolutely love fresh herbs. They are a simple way to completely change the flavor profile of a dish. Because I love fresh herbs so much, I tried to grow my own in my backyard — which didn’t go that well. I often forgot to water them or make sure they were receiving the adequate amount of sunlight. And because of this, they eventually died. When I heard about the indoor Veritable Exky Classic Garden, I was so excited to try it.

The Veritable Exky Classic Garden is the smallest and most efficient indoor garden that allows you to effortlessly grow herbs and vegetables in your kitchen. When I first opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised by its chic appearance. Its ultra-compact and sleek design makes it a great fit in any kitchen and was the perfect addition to my counter. Everything was included in the packaging: sweet basil and parsley lingots (perfectly sized pieces of soil with seeds and nutrients to help herbs grow), instructions and even labels for the herbs. It took less than five minutes to set everything up.

It was very easy to put together the garden. Once I placed the lingots into their proper places and added water, all I had to do was plug it in and watch it grow. Because of the machine’s advanced technology, I was able to see growth in a few short weeks. When growing my own herbs outside, I didn’t notice this type of growth until several weeks after planting the seeds.Gardening Made Easy with the Veritable Exky Classic Garden -

My kids really enjoyed seeing the herbs grow, which made this garden a great family activity. Because this in an indoor garden, it utilizes high-efficiency LED light, which guarantees faster plant growth while activating essential oil production to provide rich flavors. The Exky Classic Garden has an automated day and night cycle; it turns on for 16 hours and goes off for eight hours. It also has a built-in water tank that allows for automatic watering for up to three weeks.

Be sure to keep the Exky Classic Garden out of reach from any pets. I made the mistake of placing it on the floor and my dog decided to have a little fun playing in the soil. I was able to salvage the garden, but it was definitely a lesson learned!

Overall, I think the Veritable Exky Classic Garden is a great product for those who want a hassle-free herb garden. It requires very little maintenance and is a great experience for the whole family. Once the herbs are fully grown, my kids and I plan to make our very own pesto!

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