Tangerine: Self-care and Goals (Version iOS 3.0.2)

Tangerine: Self-care and Goals (Version iOS 3.0.2) -Synopsis: Tangerine pens itself as your guide to daily self-care. Use it to build habits, track your mood and journal all in one place.

Price and Platform: Free with a premium option. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Simple, no-frills design.
  • Track your mood and reflect on days to see which emotions rise to the top.
  • Use the journal to reflect and clarify your thoughts.
  • Measure progress with an overview of your performance and achievements to help you stay motivated.
  • Turn on notifications for gentle reminders to track habits.
  • Set Siri shortcuts to easily mark when you’ve successfully completed a habit task.
  • Access the journal, calendar routine and history from the main screen.
  • Easily add a habit or journal entry from the Tangerine home screen.
  • Enter new habits with specificity. Start today or another day, set frequency (from daily to weekly or times per day) and the time of day you want to do each habit.
  • Easily track streaks or skip a habit when you need a day off.
  • Take notes on each habit, graph your mood and view your habit completion streaks to track progress.
  • Includes journal prompts and probing questions for optional guided journaling. Topics include gratitude and prompts to calm anxiety, release worry and anger, and more in the premium app such as healthy relationships, moving on and be kind to yourself and enjoy happiness and self-discovery.
  • No sign-up required.
  • Upgrade to premium for $29.99 per year for unlimited habit tracking and reminders, insights and statistics, access to all guided journaling templates, and the option to upload photos.


  • The app may collect and link data on your health and fitness, identifiers and sensitive information, contact information, and user content specific to your identity.

Bottom Line: Minus the potential privacy concerns, Tangerine is an excellent app for anyone looking to track their habits and mood in one place with ease. It’s a keeper!

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Marisa Moore
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