Vixer (Version iOS 3.5.2)

Vixer (Version iOS 3.5.2) -Synopsis: Vixer is a video editor and maker that lets you create slideshows and movies with a variety of editing, text and music options.

Price and Platform: Free with a premium option. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Sleek, easy-to-use design.
  • Edit and mix videos, merge clips into a slideshow.
  • Use standard editing features such as trim or split, speed, color adjustments, frames, filters, crop and more.
  • Add music or voiceover to videos.
  • Export videos in the optimized format for different social media platforms. Choose square, story or in-feed sizes for vertical platforms and 16:9 for YouTube.
  • Control which photos Vixer can read by allowing access to all or select photos in the camera roll.
  • Includes a tutorial complete with visual tips to help you learn to rearrange or delete clips, scale to fit, add music, crop, add transitions between video clips and more.
  • Vixer offers a time-saving feature that lets you apply edits to all clips in a project. With this, users can adjust the color, speed and more for multiple clips without going back and forth.
  • App offers a variety of transition timing and effects including dissolve, random, fade, slide and wipe.
  • Easily share videos directly to social media accounts.
  • Try premium effects before unlocking the feature. This novel approach lets the user experience premium features without an upgrade but won’t actually be applied in the free version of the app.
  • Upgrade to Vixer premium ($39.99/year) for unlimited access to all music, filters, frames, adjustments and fonts, and to merge multiple videos as well as export 4K videos.


  • Vixer is only available on iOS at the time of this review.
  • Fonts, adjustments and editing features are very limited in the free app (for example, only three fonts in the free version).
  • Though not as sleek, there are less expensive video editing options on the market.

Bottom Line: Vixer offers a fast and smooth editing experience with lots of options in the premium version. Worth the upgrade if you’ll be editing lots of photos for social media, Vixer offers an excellent user experience.

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