Taco Night Done Right with Prepara Taco Accessories

Taco Night Done Right with Prepara Taco Accessories
Photo courtesy of Andrea Mathis, MA, RDN, LD

Product reviewed: Prepara Taco Accessories 

Taco night is a tradition in our home, something we look forward to every week because it turns dinnertime into family fun night. The kids help prepare food and fix their own tacos. They think it’s the best thing ever! Since we take taco night very seriously, it’s only right that we have the appropriate taco tools. That’s why I was super excited to try the Prepara Taco Accessories!

I received the Prepara Multi-Taco Holder, Single Taco Holder, set of Taco Spoons, 3-Section Tray and Tortilla Savor. I was blown away by the colorful design. The brightly colored patterns are eye-catching, making me even more excited to try the products.

My favorite pieces are the 3-Section Tray and Tortilla Savor. Whenever my family prepares for taco night, it takes several minutes to search through my cabinet of plastic containers to find something to hold toppings. It was a real pain! The Prepara 3-Section Tray allows me to use one dish to arrange toppings, which is very convenient. And the Taco Spoons are the right size to scoop toppings.

The Prepara Tortilla Savor is a dream come true. My family loves soft tacos, but during taco night, our tortillas would always harden by the time we were ready to eat them. We didn’t have the proper container to keep them warm and soft. The Prepara Tortilla Savor keeps tortillas perfectly soft and warm. I even witnessed a little steam when I removed the lid, showing they were still hot.

The Prepara Taco Holders are very nifty. When preparing soft tacos, I usually place something on each side of the tortilla to keep it in place. The Prepara Taco Holders allow me to do this with ease! I place tortillas in the slots, add toppings and don’t have to worry about the taco collapsing or falling over. For taco nights, I usually buy small tortillas for me and the kids, and large tortillas for my husband. The small tortillas fit perfectly in the holders, so I was a little worried that the large tortillas would be too big. To my surprise, the large tortillas fit! I am very impressed. The single taco holders are great for my two little boys and their little hands.

I would definitely recommend the Prepara Taco Accessories to make taco night fun and stress-free!Taco Night Done Right with Prepara Taco Accessories - The 3-Section Tray makes it easy to incorporate lots of fresh veggies to make tacos taste even more amazing. Throwing a party? The beautiful design on these accessories would look stunning on any table setting.

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