How to Write an Awesome Thank-You Note

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Dietetics students say a lot of thank-yous: We thank our professors for being references, DI directors for interviews and RDs in the field for shadowing experience—among others.

Here are five tips to help you craft a thoughtful, personalized note that sets you apart: 

Send a hand-written note—when you can.

In today’s digital world, hand-written cards stand out. However, they can take a long time to reach their recipients. A good rule of thumb is to choose hand-written cards when you’re able to drop them off in person. That way, you can guarantee they’re delivered on time and to the correct inbox. In some cases, such as after interviews, hiring decisions are made quickly. A thank-you email works just as well in these situations. How to Write an Awesome Thank-You Note -

Address each person individually.

If you shadowed or interviewed with more than one person, send a personalized thank-you note to everyone. One exception to this rule is if you interviewed with a large group. In this instance, it’s OK to thank the hiring manager and the selection committee together. By extending your thanks to the whole team, you’re letting them know that you appreciate everyone’s time.

Keep the body short and sweet.

This shows you’re being mindful of the recipient’s time. Thank the person for taking the time to interview you, let you shadow them or write you a letter of recommendation—and move on. Just one or two sentences here are all you need.

Mention at least one specific detail.

It could be something you learned from your experience, an “aha” moment you had or a conversation that stuck out to you. This part of the thank-you note gives a personal touch and demonstrates to the recipient that you were present during the experience.

Sign off professionally.

Thank the recipient one last time and follow it with your name. You should also add relevant contact information such as your phone number or email address. If you’re sending a thank-you note via email, including a professional email signature is a good idea. You can even add links to your online portfolio or social media pages if they’re appropriate.

Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams is a senior dietetics student completing her degree through Kansas State University’s online DPD program. In 2016, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Magazine Journalism at Drake University. Her professional goal is to write and edit articles about nutrition as a registered dietitian nutritionist.