Nutrition and Social Media: A Tool to Spread Positivity and Evidence-Based Information

Nutrition and Social Media: A Tool to Spread Positivity and Evidence-Based Information - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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For registered dietitian nutritionists and future RDNs, social media can be a great tool for spreading positivity and evidence-based nutrition information.

Here are some tips for finding success on social media:

Create a Separate Professional Profile. The best way to get the type of followers you desire (people interested in nutrition) is to create a page devoted exclusively to nutrition. The followers will be more likely to comment, share and like your posts, which will help you gain more followers. When people search pages related to food and nutrition, yours will pop up. Of course you can link your personal social media so they can follow that, too. Put your time and energy into your professional page and watch it grow!

Post Often. Being active on your social media gives followers a reason to return. Consistency is key! Frequent posting keeps you in the back of their mind for times when they are seeking nutrition advice or inspiration. The more you post, the more the social media algorithm (yes, this exists) will show your content on followers’ feeds. And other professionals will be more likely to see you!

Keep it Light. As dietitians and dietitians-to-be, we want to show our followers that we are a judgement-free, down-to-earth and informed group of professionals. Even though we might be irritated by the latest fad diet or an influencer’s meal plan program, it’s not appropriate to use your platform to bash those groups. Avoid engaging in arguments in the comments section. Post content that will spread positivity and truthful nutrition information to your followers, instead of dwelling on the misinformation.

Engage Your Followers. Give your followers a chance to say what they want to see in your content. This can help when you’re stuck in a content-rut. Take polls about their favorite content, favorite foods, favorite local markets, etc.; ask them to submit nutrition questions; post mini-quizzes about nutrition information. Put your content to work and see how much people will want to engage!

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Amanda Boswell
Amanda Boswell attended Missouri State University for her undergraduate degree and is currently a dietetic intern at Missouri State. She enjoys weight-lifting, lake life and sharing food and fitness videos on her Instagram. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in functional medicine. Amanda’s professional interests include entrepreneurship, culinary education and nutrition counseling.