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Product reviewed: Bamboozle Petal Server

I have always loved a good snack plate, so the trend of making an appetizer spread that’s hearty enough to be a meal is right up my alley. Putting everything on the same board is beautiful on Pinterest, but I’ve found it’s a little more challenging to make those food spreads Pinterest-perfect in real life. But the Bamboozle Petal Server makes it simple to put together a delicious and gorgeous spread.Beautiful Appetizer Spread Made Easy -

Cute and functional, this serving dish can be used as one piece or individual servers. You can put a mouth-watering dip in the center, then arrange the same foods for dipping in each petal so each person can have their own “petal” (just dollop the dip on top!). You also can put different snacks in each compartment for a yummy build-your-own snack plate setup. This serving dish is made from biodegradable bamboo fiber, making it earth friendly.

I used the Bamboozle Petal Server to serve a combination of sweet and savory snacks. Because the petals allow the food to stay separate, it is easy to mix and match flavors and textures without worrying about foods melding together. At an outdoor gathering with close family, I filled the center petal with a fresh seven-layer dip made with end-of-summer tomatoes and hot peppers from my brother’s garden. I filled the petals with tortilla chips and chopped vegetables. My family gobbled it up! I loved that I was able to give each family member a petal with a scoop of dip to avoid unnecessary double-dipping and hands touching. The server makes it easy to keep foods separate if you are concerned about cross-contamination such as with food allergens, sensitivities or preferences including nuts, gluten, dairy or meat. It allows hosts and hostesses to serve food that anyone can enjoy.

This serving dish is very simple to use, and easy to wash — just pop the individual petals into the dishwasher. Because of its unique shape and multiple pieces, I recommend keeping the box so it’s easier to stack and keep all of the components together.

The Bamboozle Petal Server is a versatile kitchen tool made with biodegradable and earth-friendly bamboo fiber. It’s great for any kind of gathering, whether with the people living in your household or a socially distanced gathering with friends or family.

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