How to Stand Out at Virtual Open Houses

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The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. With traveling and meeting in large groups on hold, many dietetic internships have shifted from traditional, on-site open houses to virtual ones. While this may make students who shine in-person break into a cold sweat, it also opens doors for students all across the country.

Here are some tips to help you emerge from the crowd in the digital setting to match with your top choice:How to Stand Out at Virtual Open Houses -

First, Make Sure You Attend

It may seem obvious but attending sets you apart from other candidates. Many internships track attendees. Schedule time on your calendar and secure a space free from distractions to attend the open house and reap the benefits. When you join the meeting platform, make sure to enter your full name so you can be easily identified.

Turn on the Camera

If there is an option to turn on your camera, do so! This helps directors put a face to your name. Just make sure you are dressed professionally. Also consider doing a practice run beforehand to work out any technical issues and ensure a tidy background and adequate lighting.

Participation is Key

Keep in mind that this is a matching process, so asking questions is key to finding out if the program is right for you. Before the open house, look through the internship’s website. Then listen to the open house presentation carefully, so you are not asking questions that have already been answered. When it comes time to ask a question, instead of typing in the chat box, unmute yourself and ask aloud if possible.

Contact the DI Director

After the open house, email the director to personally thank him or her for their time. Express your appreciation for learning more about their program and going virtual rather than canceling. Most importantly, inform them of your plans to apply.

And remember, open houses are intended to help you find the internship that best matches your interests. Try to enjoy the process and happy matching!

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