Light Up Your Baking with This Speedy Hand Mixer

Light Up Your Baking with This Speedy Hand Mixer - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: Gourmia GHM2530 Illuminating Hand Mixer

I love spending time in the kitchen exploring new recipes and testing new kitchen gadgets. I couldn’t believe I didn’t own a hand mixer and was getting sick of having to mix everything by hand. Just because I love being in the kitchen doesn’t mean I don’t want to be as efficient as possible with my time. I was excited to receive the Gourmia GHM2530 Illuminating Hand Mixer to help speed things up in the kitchen.

This hand mixer not only is sleek, but also comes with an LED spotlight to help you see what’s going on in the mixing bowl. Light Up Your Baking with This Speedy Hand Mixer -In addition to having a nifty light, it has two attachments: beaters and dough hooks for making homemade bread or pizza dough. I’ve never had a hand mixer with two attachments, so that is an exciting feature. I also like the variety of speeds and the turbo option to take it to the next level on tough mixtures that get really heavy.

After receiving the hand mixer, I was pleased to see how compact and lightweight it is. When I took the hand mixer and its attachments out of the box, the assembly seemed self-explanatory. The tool comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual, but one thing I missed when trying to attach the beater hooks was to slide off the storage guard. Once you slide off the storage guard, you can easily assemble either the dough or beater hooks.

Before I started mixing, I washed the attachments with soap and water to make sure they were clean. I tested this hand mixer on a brownie mix I had been wanting to make. I got to mixing and was surprised with the strength of the LED light. In general, other hand mixers have blocked the natural light in the bowl; with this one, the light turns on as you use it.

Another thing I really liked about this hand mixer: the ergonomic grips that keep your hand from sliding off the mixer. You never know when things are going to get messy in the kitchen, so I’m glad the mixer has this feature.

The beaters and dough hooks are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning up the kitchen super simple. For easy storage, slide the storage guard back onto the hand mixer and clip in the beaters and dough hooks.

I definitely would recommend this hand mixer to a client or friend. It’s a comfortable hand mixer that can help speed things up in the kitchen while lighting the way!

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