Rizzle-Short Videos (Version iOS 2.8.0)

Rizzle-Short Videos (Version iOS 2.8.0) -Synopsis of the App: The Rizzle app is designed to create, watch and share vertical short videos.

Price and Platform: Free. iOS and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Rizzle is easy to use and has a slower pace than many other video platforms.
  • Content creators spend lots of time in front of the camera, usually talking rather than dancing (for now).
  • Videos are limited to 60 seconds with a big focus on producing series to engage the audience over time.
  • As there are no comments, Rizzle encourages engagement with video responses, collaborations and interactions. Users can grow their channels using guest posts to boost visibility and invite diverse perspectives on each channel.
  • With the ability to host multiple channels under one profile, you don’t have to stick to food, fitness or lifestyle content. You can create a channel for each niche.
  • Create content using Rizzle’s b-roll, drafts, timer and editing tools.
  • Use music, visual effects, filters, picture-in-picture and sound effects to enhance video content.
  • Includes new opportunities to be featured each month, monetize content and earn rewards for creating content through Rizzle bounties.
  • Link to your other social media accounts on your Rizzle profile.
  • Subscribe to Rizzle playlists for updates in a variety of categories such as fitness, food, trends, skits and tech.


  • Unlike Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, Rizzle has a much smaller user base, which reduces the incentive to create platform-exclusive content.

Bottom Line: Though a much smaller platform, Rizzle is a great place to host video channels with an opportunity to build an engaged audience.

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Marisa Moore
Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is based in Atlanta and specializes in culinary nutrition, communications and consulting. She blogs at marisamoore.com. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.