Focus Keeper (iOS Version 1.9.9)

Focus Keeper (iOS Version 1.9.9) -Synopsis: Based on the Pomodoro method for productivity, Focus Keeper is a simple timer app that makes time blocking easy.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Simple design with changing colors and smart sounds to alert the user to when it’s time to focus on one task or take a long or short break.
  • Easily start, stop or adjust the time with a swipe of the screen.
  • Intuitive interface and minimalist design serve to reduce distractions when setting up the app.
  • Start with the standard 25-minute time blocks and 5-minute breaks or adjust to suit your day. Power through several focused sessions without touching the screen.
  • Customize focus sessions (adjusting times up or down), tones (on or off), colors and number of rounds or goals you want to accomplish each day.
  • See how you’re doing with automatically generated 14- and 30-day progress charts.
  • Set volume and sound effects such as ticking and alarm, or have a quiet focus session.
  • Opt in to notifications to be reminded when to start a focus session.
  • Available for mobile phones and tablets to easily create a distraction-free zone.


  • The free app doesn’t allow you to lock in a custom time block, so users must set it each time.

Bottom Line: Ideal for writers and anyone who struggles with productivity, Focus Keeper can help users stay focused on one task at a time. With a hands-free set-up, customizable tools and progress tracking options, Focus Keeper is a simple app that can pay off big time.

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