Firework (iOS Version 5.20.0)

Firework (iOS Version 5.20.0) -Synopsis of the App: Firework is a short-form social video storytelling app.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Easy to capture and share content from the app.
  • Includes searchable music and options for timed capture, adjusting footage speed (from 0.3x to 2x) and to toggle beauty filters on and off.
  • Swipe to turn on different camera filters.
  • Opening the app immediately immerses the user in fast-moving video content.
  • Videos cover the phone screen and are easy to access.
  • Camera includes a variety of special effects including time warp to change from slow motion to reverse, as well as voice changes to male, female and cartoon.
  • Firework lets creators capture both vertical and horizontal footage in one shot using only their phone. Viewers then can move their phone to see more of the scene.
  • Easily select a video cover and add a title before sharing.
  • Tag videos with a trending hashtag to increase views.
  • Control who sees your content by sharing with the public, followers or a private list or to social media including Instagram, Messenger and other platforms.
  • Save video collections to your profile for easy recall.


  • There is no way to link out to your website, which means creator content will live on the Firework platform and not drive traffic to a blog or other owned site.
  • There is no option to leave comments to engage viewers. Rather, viewers must send a private message to connect with creators.

Bottom Line: A likely competitor to TikTok, Firework is good for entertainment and may work for quick food and how-to videos for those who want to build a following on the platform.

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