Asana Rebel (iOS Version 6.15)

Asana Rebel (iOS Version 6.15) -Synopsis of the App: Asana Rebel offers workouts, meditation and sleep resources in one place.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Well-organized design with impeccably produced videos.
  • Starts with a brief interview to gather height, weight and age information.
  • Includes new weekly workouts covering flexibility, mobility, strength, balance and focus.
  • Free workouts focus on specific areas, such as upper body toning and core power.
  • Set notifications for healthy lifestyle inspiration with a morning, daytime and evening plan.
  • Automatically log workouts you complete within the app.
  • Click the activity tab to track total workouts, streaks and workout minutes.
  • Use the daily plan feature to build a routine with reminders to drink water, meditate, exercise, start music for focusing or to sleep 8 hours.
  • Filter exercises by free, faves or “get in shape.”
  • Share wins on social media or via text.
  • Download activities for offline use when not connected to the internet or data network.
  • Privacy and terms of service policies presented upfront after the assessment.


  • Must provide a Facebook login or email address to log in, making anonymity difficult.
  • Free workouts are short (about five minutes).
  • Frequent pop-up advertisements to “unlock” the premium version of the app.

Bottom Line: With support for physical activity and resources for sleep and meditation, Asana Rebel is ideal for anyone seeking workouts and wellness prompts on demand. However, users will need to subscribe to get the most from the app.

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Marisa Moore
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