Give Classics a Boost with Fresh Avocados

Celebrate avocados with a recipe contest!

Wrapped in memories and stamped with heritage, the holiday season is an important time of the year. Upholding traditions while maintaining well-being can be a challenge, especially in a season known for indulgent classics. The secret sauce is healthy moderation — lean on the frame of a balanced diet and build from there.

Food & Nutrition and Fresh Avocados – Love One Today® want to see how you use avocado as an ingredient swap into your favorite dishes. Why? Fresh avocados provide the rich and creamy flavors your crowd craves with a nutrient boost. Avocados are a sugar-free, nutrient-dense fruit, provide a good source of fiber, contain naturally good fats and have nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. And given a nutrient profile that can support satiety and stable blood glucose levels, avocados are a smart choice for diabetes management and general health promotion.

Indulgent comfort foods are no match for the well prepared, especially when fresh avocados are the all-star ingredient. With a versatile taste and smooth texture, avocados are a simple swap into sweet and savory dishes — such as soups, baked goods or main courses — to build a balanced diet. Time to show us what you got! Boost your favorite entrée, side dish or dessert recipe with an avocado ingredient swap.

Recipe submissions will be evaluated for quality, creativity and alignment with contest guidelines. An avocado-inspired kitchen bundle will be awarded for first place in three categories — entrée, side dish and dessert recipes.
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How to Participate

  • Roll up your sleeves, flex your creative muscles and grab a fresh avocado.
  • Develop a recipe according to the rules and guidelines and snap a magazine-worthy pic. To be eligible to win, your recipe must include approximately one serving of avocado (one-third of an avocado) per recipe serving. Include avocado in your photograph if not easily visible within your recipe.
  • Submit your recipe entry between November 1 and December 15, 2019, via
  • Share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using hashtags #FNTestKitchen, #LoveOneToday and #Contest.
  • Winners will be notified in January 2020 and recipes will be featured in an upcoming issue of Food & Nutrition.
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