Plan to Eat (iOS Version 2.2.7)

Plan to Eat (iOS Version 2.2.7) -Synopsis of the App: Plan to Eat is a meal planning app to help you save all recipes in one place.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 3/5


  • User-friendly design makes the simple app easy to use.
  • Collect recipes from anywhere online and quickly save to your recipe book. Save recipes from any URL or add recipes manually.
  • Easily add recipes into the planner and duplicate or reschedule with one tap.
  • Includes a comprehensive meal planning feature with options to add recipes to a specific day and meal time or label recipes for prep or freezing.
  • Automatically add planned meals to your shopping list.
  • Add personal recipes manually with options to fill in nutrition facts and prep notes.
  • Start a free 30-day trial — no credit card necessary.
  • Subscriptions available at $38.99 per year.


  • App does not include any native or curated recipes — you must collect your own.
  • The app may not be kind to food bloggers, since it makes it easy to download recipe content and photos without having to visit the website again.

Bottom Line: Plan to Eat is ideal for online recipe collectors or anyone who wants to finally save all of their recipes in one place for meal planning and grocery shopping.

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Marisa Moore
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