Stunning Lasagnera Brings Italy Home

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Product Reviewed: Lagostina Heritage Lasagnera

swoon for classic, simple design in the kitchen. I’ve resolved never again to buy cheap cookware that ends up hidden in the back of a cupboard. It’s all about beauty and functionality, even with a higher price tag. Certain dishes, such as lasagna, are just easier to make when you can look forward to a foolproof result and gorgeous presentation.

The Lagostina Heritage Lasagnera is an exceptional pan made in Northern Italy from 18/10 stainless steel with a solid cherry wood lid. The steel is mirror-polished and the lid’s underside also features mirrored steel. It is amply sized at 19¾-by-8½ inches, making it perfect for homemade meals with guaranteed leftovers — and we all know lasagna is even better the next day.

Just looking at the Lagostina Lasagnera motivated me to preheat my oven and get cooking. Although Lagostina says this pan can be used on any type of cooktop, including induction, I think it‘s best for baking and roasting due to its size and shape. The pan itself is oven-safe to 500°F, so broiling is not recommended as high broil can reach 550°F. The handles are ergonomic and easy to grab with oven mitts, making this already light pan easy to transfer in and out of the oven and from counter to table. The lid is beautiful, but not oven- or dishwasher-safe. Use aluminum foil if you need to keep the pan covered while cooking and hand wash the lid. I’m not sure if the wood needs to be oiled if it comes into a lot of contact with water, but I found that I only needed to use soap on the steel underside, keeping the wood fairly dry.

This pan is clearly designed for lasagna and other baked pasta dishes, but I also made stuffing for a get-together with great results. The lid made transporting the dish easy, though it did not retain heat well and I had to stick it back in the oven uncovered to get back the crispy top. Since stuffing is basically a savory bread pudding, I’m sure that a sweet bread pudding would be perfect in this pan and an elegant end to a meal. And, because stainless steel is non-reactive, a fruit cobbler also would be delightful.

If you’re looking for a lovely, quality pan that can be used for everything from lasagna to casseroles and dessert, the Lagostina Heritage Lasagnera is for you. Stunning Lasagnera Brings Italy Home - I’m confident that this will inspire you to have more dinners at home around the table and share in the Italian culture of celebrating food, life and family.

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