4 Tips to Beat the Post FNCE Blues

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By now, you’ve probably come off the FNCE adrenaline rush, having been surrounded by motivating peers in the nutrition field, and are now eating your post-FNCE blues away with the free samples you received. However, now is the time to put your new skills and connections to work! 4 Tips to Beat the Post FNCE Blues -

FNCE is the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo that occurs annually across the country bringing dietetic and nutrition professionals together around the world. This is a time to be surrounded by the coolest people (no bias here) and greatly expand your network by interacting in various capacities at the expo, sessions or events. FNCE allows attendees to gain knowledge and skills that will improve interventions, patient participation and results, as well as build upon existing knowledge with emerging research and innovative tips and tricks of the trade.

Following FNCE be sure to:

Start Sending Those E-mails! 

Send e-mails and follow up with those you met. Fostering relationships is key to having a successful career. Thank the people you interacted with for sharing their advice, tips and research with you.

Put the New Information into Play 

Use the newly acquired skills and information gained by modifying interventions, adjusting research questions or starting new projects after being inspired by the experts you met.

Remember: Follow Your Passions

Say yes to things that excite you, take hold of opportunities that come your way and be patient!

Take Care of YOU

Being involved in multiple projects and various sectors within the nutrition field is great, but to optimally perform we need to get adequate sleep, fuel ourselves properly and maintain our social health. Although most RDNs or future RDNs are Type A and want everything to be perfect, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to take care of you.

And now you can look forward to entering the next 100 years of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with your robust network and newly acquired skills!

See you next year at FNCE in the nation’s capital where after the conference we will storm the Hill to advocate for the profession.

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Cassidy Pont
Cassidy Pont has graduated with her Master of Public Health in Nutritional Sciences with a dietetics concentration. She continues on her journey to becoming a registered dietitian through her dietetic internship. In the future, Pont plans to systemically impact children’s diets and continue writing communication pieces to spread her knowledge and inspire others.