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Product reviewed: Revablend

Most conventional blenders are big and clunky, taking up a lot of space and involving two or three steps to assemble before you can use them. Not so with the Revablend, which is why I looked forward to reviewing it. I knew ahead of time that it doesn’t require electricity, has no attachments or assembly needed, is easy to use and can be taken virtually anywhere — work, gym, school, camping and tailgating.

I immediately liked the Revablend’s simple design. It only has two pieces — the base, which consists of the container, stainless steel blades and rubber wheel, and the lid, which has a small spout for drinking, making an extra cup unnecessary if you’re on the go. The Revablend’s built-in blades rotate without electricity — you simply add your ingredients to the base, secure the lid, tilt the unit forward at a 30-degree angle and roll it across a firm, dry surface, such as a countertop, to get the blades moving and blending.

I tried four recipes in the Revablend, including a smoothie, milkshake and dressing, which all were successful. New, Electricity-Free Blender on The Block - However, the fourth recipe, a marinade, needed a bit more man power as the onion and tomatoes came out chunky and not as equally chopped as I’d hoped. But, that aside, the Revablend does a good job of mixing ingredients, particularly for smoothies and milkshakes. In order to have the best consistency, use ripe, fresh fruit rather than frozen fruit, and make sure to tap the unit so that your ingredients settle at the bottom of the base before you start rolling the Revablend to get the blades moving. This blender is super easy to clean, and even is dishwasher safe. The blades are not removable, though, so don’t stick your hand into it as they’re pretty sharp!

I would recommend this product. It seems to be of good quality and well made, and using it means I don’t have to take out the big blender, assemble it, plug it into the outlet and make a bunch of noise in the morning for my smoothies. Also, there’s no major mess to clean up afterwards, which is a plus for people like me who don’t like to do dishes.

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