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Lekue Baguette

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Lékué Perforated Mini Baguette Bread Pan

The only thing better than the smell of homemade bread in your kitchen is the taste of fresh, warm baguettes straight from your oven. But making delicious bread — with perfectly crunchy exterior and soft interior — is a job for the bakery, right? Wrong! With the Lékué Perforated Mini Baguette Bread Pan, it’s easy to make perfect single serving baguettes right in your own home.

The “micro perforated” platinum silicon mold circulates air into the baking bread, resulting in an evenly baked, crunchy crust. The pan is oven-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and is treated with a nonstick formula, so there’s no need to use oil or cooking spray.  My favorite part: Each mini baguette is the perfect portion for a small sandwich or an afternoon snack.

I am a proficient cook, but I have never attempted homemade bread before. I always thought it was a very difficult process that required an expensive mixer and bread maker. But I had neither of these and my baguettes came out wonderfully!

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Natalie Rizzo
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