Healthy Minds Program (Version iOS 6.6.0)

Healthy Minds Program (Version iOS 6.6.0) -Synopsis: Healthy Minds Program is a meditation and mindfulness app that uses a framework focused on awareness, connection, insight and purpose to enhance personal well-being.

Price and Platform: Free + enterprise option. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Well-designed and encouraging mobile app designed to help you follow a clear path to building the skills of a healthier mind including awareness, connection, insight and purpose.
  • Backed by a neuroscientist-led research team at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Start with a baseline measure, which takes three to five minutes to assess where you stand on awareness through purpose (assessment is optional and can be delayed).
  • Offers in-the-moment assessments to help establish a baseline and track progress.
  • Produces a report with low to high ranges for each practice area.
  • You can skip personal questions and demographics.
  • Includes a foundations course with activities to teach basic techniques for seated and active mediation practice, training the mind and more.
  • Track progress with the data profile tab, where you can view meditation streaks, practice time and sessions.
  • Offers meditation practices to suit your lifestyle and needs at the time. Explore and practice various guided meditations including themes such as “a new beginning” or “envisioning actions.” Meditations span from micro practices at 1 minute to longer ones lasting up to 30 minutes.
  • Connect to the Apple Health or Google Fit apps to allow Healthy Minds to write data, which seamlessly shares meditation practice times.


  • No major cons noted.

Bottom Line: Healthy Minds is ideal for anyone seeking solid guided meditations and an opportunity to learn about and improve their skills in awareness, connection, insight and purpose.

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