A Versatile, Classic Saucepan

The Swiss Diamond sauce pan with a spoonful of tomato sauce held above it
Photo: Kathryn Pfeffer-Scanlan, MS, RD, LDN

Product reviewed: Swiss Diamond 2.2 Qt. XD Induction Sauce Pan with Lid

I couldn’t have been more excited to try out this beautiful, classic saucepan. Most of my sauce-making experience has been with a food processor or a simple splash of liquid ingredients in a pan. Finally, I was ready to tackle homemade tomato sauce instead of grabbing for my store-bought favorite! I also was eager to use it to cook my favorite whole grains including quinoa and brown rice.

While taking the Swiss Diamond saucepan out of the packaging, I was really impressed with the look and feel of it. Thanks to the diamond fragments — which enhances its durability and nonstick properties — this couldn’t be more beautiful, and the thick, coarse material it’s made from makes it a safe and resilient kitchen item.

Making tomato sauce and cooking quinoa in this saucepan was an enjoyable experience. My cooking process was effortless due to the high-quality, non-stick material, which makes for a faster heating process and cleaner surface. A Versatile, Classic Saucepan - The heat-tempered, vented glass lid allows for moisture control and prevents splatter. And the durable and heat-resistant handle makes this saucepan safe for all skill levels and even for those with a weaker grip, such as from arthritis or neuropathy.

My only complaint would be that the small metal area that connects the stainless steel handle to the pan is not heat-resistant and requires an oven mitt for handling. I learned this lesson when I forgot to grab a mitt during the stirring process. I would use caution with this around young children.

This pan is dishwasher safe but Swiss Diamond recommends hand washing it. For those that really hate doing dishes, I promise this was the easiest item to clean. Thanks to its nonstick surface, leftover cooking debris rinsed off easily!

I highly recommend this pan for any home chef. Whether it is making sauces, soups, gravies or even rice, this saucepan is suitable for all kitchens. The smaller size also is perfect for those cooking for one or two — who wants to use a large stockpot when you need a small portion of brown rice or gravy?

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Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan
Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan, MS, RD, LDN, is a clinical Registered Dietitan in Boulder, CO. She also runs her own food blog called One Hungry Bunny. Follow her on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.