To the Future RDN: Tips for Managing Stress


Going to class, studying, volunteering, working and finding time for family and personal responsibilities is part of your weekly schedule — and sometimes it gets stressful and exhausting if too many things are on your plate. Here are some tips to help manage stress when it starts to take over. To the Future RDN: Tips for Managing Stress - stress management

Be Realistic

Be reasonable when you demand or expect too much of yourself. You may have overcommitted to time that you don’t actually have. If you find this happening, prioritize what’s important to you and remember that it’s OK to say “no.”

Stay Positive

Remember to be optimistic. Sometimes things happen, life gets in the way or things don’t go as planned. Try to answer any negative situation with a positive reaction and refocus your mind on your goals.

Take a Break

Go for a walk, take a little nap, grab a snack, treat yourself to a massage or go outside for some fresh air. Sometimes your brain and muscles need a break, too.

Do Something to Sweat

Often we just need to let off a little steam. Even a simple and short exercise to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing can help with feeling fatigued, better brain functioning and stress relief.

Create or Find a Playlist

Something calming, upbeat or soothing can help change the way your mood is trending.

Get Some Sleep

Don’t let stress prevent you from resting your mind. It’s helpful to go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day and get between seven to nine hours per night.

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Katie Adams
Katie Adams is in her final year as an undergraduate dietetics student at the University of Memphis. She hopes to become a registered dietitian in clinical nutrition or private practice. Connect with her on her blog, Happy Healthy Heart Nutrition.