Homemade Ravioli Can Be Easy and Fun

Repast Ravioli Pin

Product Reviewed:
Repast Supply Co. 17″ Maple-Walnut Ravioli Rolling Pin

Homemade ravioli is delicious, but all of that time spent rolling, filling, cutting and pinching can leave you feeling tired and frustrated — and your kitchen covered with dough and flour. In fact, the last time I made ravioli, I was so discouraged that I swore I would never make it again.

But the Repast Supply Co. 17″ Maple-Walnut Ravioli Rolling Pin promised to make ravioli rolling easy and fun, so I had to give it another try.

Repast Supply Co.’s ravioli rolling pins are handmade in the U.S. and beautiful, worthy of sitting out on display on your kitchen counter. And the company has the environment in mind, proudly claiming that for every tree cut down to make one of their products, they plant 100 more. They call it “responsible design.”

My wooden 17-inch rolling pin came with a little card that included how to use the pin and how to care for it. The website is also listed resources for recipes and instructional videos.  Before putting the rolling pin to work, I went straight to the website to see it in action. Feeling excited, I got my dough ready, made my filling and got rolling. It was as easy as it looked on the video and the process was indeed fun and the pin really did work. I made about 32 1½-inch raviolis, which was way more than I needed (I froze half).

And cleanup was a breeze! Repast Supply Co. instructs that all that is necessary after each use is to wipe the pin down with a clean, damp rag. They advise against holding the wooden pins under running water or using soap or a dishwasher, which can damage the pins. An application of food-grade mineral oil is recommended after every four to six uses, which helps keep the pins looking rich and prevents them from drying out. (If the thought of not washing your pin with hot, soapy water is off-putting, perhaps try one of their stainless steel models.).

I really like this product. It was easy to use, made plenty of delicious ravioli and really is a beautiful thing to look at. I am excited that homemade ravioli is now so accessible and looking forward to experimenting with dough and fillings!

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