Bitsmash (Version 2.8.1)

Bitsmash (Version 2.8.1) -Synopsis of the App: Bitsmash is a vertical video creator and editing app designed to create quality recordings in a short amount of time.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Easy-to-use video recording and editing tool.
  • Easily capture or upload video clips to create vertical video in minutes.
  • Add text, titles and color to video clips at different points within the timeline.
  • Simply hit record and perform your own edits or use the magic trim feature to let Bitsmash edit the video for you.
  • Add existing clips to the timeline or apply as an overlay for a picture-in-picture effect to add emphasis or show a specific technique.
  • Trim, duplicate or cut and slice video clips to reorder and connect them as needed.
  • Draw and add text to video with ease.
  • Option to set up a profile and subscribe to other users’ content.
  • Share video directly to your Bitsmash profile, IGTV and camera roll with one click.
  • Note that future versions are said to include additional cutting and editing tools, easy B-roll footage creation tools, filters and GIF embedding.


  • Because you can upload just one video clip at a time, adding clips to the timeline can be time-consuming.
  • The discover feed includes content that professional users may not want to utilize.
  • App has a few bugs making it difficult to share or save final videos at times.
  • Videos must be 15 seconds or longer.
  • Missing some of the features common in other apps such as transitions, music, filters and font or text styling options. However, per the company, these will be included in a future version.

Bottom Line: Bitsmash is great for novice and more experienced vloggers. It delivers on its promise to be the easiest way to create vertical videos — a key tool for editing for IGTV and other vertical platforms.

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