Taskade (Version 1.3.1)

Taskade (Version 1.3.1) -Synopsis of the App: Taskade is a flexible list maker and task manager designed to make task management and collaboration fun, creative and easy.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple, Android and Desktop.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Cheerful and upbeat graphics stand out in a simple, user-friendly design.
  • Work with a team using collaborative tools such as @mentions and #tags to assign and organize tasks.
  • Simple interface with perfectly placed explainers and an extensive tutorial to help new users get started.
  • Create a workspace to collect lists and notes and invite collaborators to join with ease.
  • Color code workspaces to stay organized.
  • Make a list for anything, share it and work together in real time.
  • Mark tasks as important and highlight content according to the teams’ priorities.
  • Set due dates and add comments and discussions in real time.
  • Easily edit lists to break down large tasks into small steps for yourself or the team. Easily drag and drop to reorder tasks.
  • Pin, star, copy, move or archive lists to keep workspaces tidy and organized.
  • Create a task and share editable or view-only access to maintain editing controls.
  • Add images from the camera roll or take new ones within the app.
  • Determine bullet options, such as numbers, letters, squares, hearts or check boxes.
  • Option to archive, hide or show completed tasks to keep workspace clean.
  • Recently updated to include video chat so users can work together from afar in real time.
  • Work seamlessly across Android, iPhone, Mac or PC devices.


  • Requires an email address or using Google account, Facebook or Twitter to log in.
  • Cannot add a time to due dates.

Bottom Line: Ideal for teams or anyone with multiple projects to complete, Taskade is an easy-to-use, customizable task manager made with collaboration in mind. It also is free with no advertisements, which is a big plus.

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