A Dinner-Party Ready Serving Board


Product reviewed: JK Adams Hillside Collection Rectangle Ash Server

Serving boards seem to be all the rage these days, especially with food photography’s rise in popularity. With wood, marble and slate options, a simple cheese plate quickly gets an upgrade to restaurant quality without much expense. And the options aren’t limited to cheese or charcuterie — they can also be used to decoratively serve tea, cocktails, quick breads, sandwiches and fruit.

I couldn’t wait to review the JK Adams Rectangle Ash serving board. With a family that loves to gather over cheese (and wine!) before a special meal, I knew the board was going to be a lovely addition to my kitchen. It’s made by hand from sustainably grown and harvested North American ash wood and has a clear, teak oil finish. Simple yet elegant, this board is ready to become your next kitchen heirloom.

There is no assembly required. Just remove from the box, clean with a soft sponge dipped in warm, soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly. The initial feel of the board is a little rough, but not to the point where you might get a splinter. The board did not come with oil or a conditioner, so I used a mineral oil I had on hand to treat it, distributing it evenly with clean hands. The color was unchanged as was the rough feel of the board, but I imagine that might smooth out over time with regular use. Regular treatments with a food-safe moisturizing oil or wood conditioner is recommended for longevity.

I tested the board’s functionality during a special family meal. As soon as the wine came out, I quickly loaded the serving board with a variety of cheese and fruit for everyone to enjoy. The ash wood made it easy for everyone to cut their cheese directly on the board, and its large size — 15-by-8 inches — allowed me to fit a variety of cheeses with room for guests to approach it from all angles. I can’t wait to continue using this board for serving cheese, meats, crusty bread, fruit, sandwiches and other appetizers.

For those with limited storage, the board’s size might make it difficult to store. However, its handle allows you to hook it decoratively on a kitchen wall or in a pantry for easy storage.

The JK Adams Hillside Rectangular Ash Server would be great for anyone who loves to host dinner parties or stay in for wine and cheese with a family or friends. With options for letter engraving, this server can also make a unique gift.

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Lauren Larson, MS, RDN
Lauren Larson, MS, RDN, CLC, is a clinical dietitian and certified lactation counselor based in Eagle, CO, and employed in Rifle, CO.