Make Weekend Brunches More Fun with Crepes


Product reviewed: Lagrange Creativ’ Crepe Makers with 3 Mould Stencils

Do you like pancakes? If your answer is yes, that means you’ll like crepes, too! The thinner, more delicate pancake is a staple on French breakfast tables and, while the batter is easy to whip up, the execution often is where crepe-making gets tough.

That’s why I was super excited to test out the electronic Lagrange crepe maker! This stand-alone crepe maker plugs into an outlet and heats up in just eight minutes. The nonstick aluminum plate makes for easy cleanup and reduces the need for excess butter or oil when cooking.

The crepe maker comes with three interchangeable silicone molds — one to make four mini-crepes, one to make one large crepe, and one to make mini-crepes in star and heart shapes, which is especially fun for kids. It also comes with a ladle for mini-crepes, a spatula and a batter spreader. You can also use the crepe maker’s heated plate as a griddle for frying eggs, making pancakes and cooking bacon (since I keep kosher, I couldn’t test that part out!).

I loved the quickness and ease of using the Lagrange crepe maker and the perfectly shaped crepes I made, but I did find them hard to flip while in the mold. I found it easier to remove the molds once the crepes set, but since you can’t adjust the heat setting and crepes cook very quickly, you need to move fast. I also found the silicone molds difficult to clean. They are dishwasher safe, but there are grooves on the underside and if batter gets in those, it’s tough to get out. The griddle itself is a cinch to clean and stores easily if you have a spare shelf or deep drawer.

If you love making weekend brunch and you have the room to store it, the Lagrange crepe maker is a fun kitchen tool to have on hand! Make Weekend Brunches More Fun with Crepes - crepe maker

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