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Product reviewed: ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

As a registered dietitian, staying hydrated is always on my mind. I have spent years using a water filtration system, so I was excited to try a new and supposedly “advanced” water purification system that claims to be the best on the market.

Claiming its water is the purest tasting when compared to competitors, the ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher filters out virtually all dissolved solids. The removable and replaceable filter removes lead, chromium and other contaminants, and the pitcher comes with a free water quality meter to test how pure the water is. The tool has five stages of filtration: The first is a coarse filter screen that excludes fine particles and sediments; the second is a foam distributor that disperses the water more evenly across the entire width of filter to remove even more contaminants; the third is a multi-layer activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy that improves the taste and keeps mold from forming in the filter; the fourth is a dual comprehensive ion exchange resin that remove foreign ions from the water molecules to “return them to a pure state,” according to the brand; and the fifth is an ultra-fine screen that removes any additional fine particles from the water.

The pitcher uses ready-pour technology, meaning you can dispense filtered water while the pitcher continues to filter. In addition to having the ability to pour water from the pitcher, there also is a “quick fill” spigot to allow filling a water bottle without removing the pitcher from the refrigerator. The price of the 10-cup pitcher is $32.99.

Given I had only used one brand of water filtration system in the past, I was eager to try this pitcher. All I had to do to get started was remove the filter and water tester from the package and insert them into their corresponding spots in and on the pitcher. I filled the pitcher with water, as directed, and it seemed to filter quicker than the system I have been using. I placed the pitcher in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the water chill, then poured myself a glass. It tasted great – clean, cold and delicious. However, I did not notice a taste difference from my usual glass or bottle of water. I would compare it to any other filtered water, whether from a home system or bottled water.

I also tested the spigot, which did not work as well as I had hoped. It sprayed water in a wild stream and it did not come out quickly enough. I had to tilt the pitcher for it to move a bit quicker. Pre-filtration, I used the water testing probe to test the water; it was 307, which, according to the manual, means the water has exceptionally high contaminant levels. I used the testing probe on the water after it was filtered and it was 001, meaning it meets FDA standards for TDS (total dissolved solids) levels in purified bottled water.

Besides the good taste, I like that the pitcher is smaller than the larger system I’m used to using. It holds a lot less water, so I have to fill it daily, but it is easier to remove from the refrigerator, fill and put back because of its compact size.

Overall, I would recommend this product to those with a small family and who have a small space to store a water pitcher. An Advanced Filtration Water Pitcher - A large family likely would need to refill the pitcher several times per day. I plan to use this pitcher in our camper, since it has a small refrigerator. It is a nicely made tool that produces great-tasting water and is easy to refill and handle. Plus, seeing the water go from a highly contaminated reading to purified bottled water level of TDS is promising.

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