Kaia – Back Pain Exercises (iOS Version 2.21.0)

Kaia - Back Pain Exercises (iOS Version 2.21.0) -Synopsis of the App: Kaia – Back Pain Exercises offers simple daily routines to improve strength, mobility and awareness.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Easy-to-use app with a user-friendly, colorful design and nicely organized modules.
  • Offers a personalized plan using physical, psychological and educational elements.
  • Users can set goals and get exercises to help reduce pain, gain strength, reduce stress, increase flexibility or cope with pain based on age, gender and activity ability.
  • Includes a medical condition questionnaire and pain assessment diagram pointing out places on the body with pain, pain duration and intensity scale.
  • Exercise sessions include at least 15 minutes of movement, five minutes of relaxation and five minutes of knowledge.
  • Users can do a “quick self-assessment for pain intensity and sleep quality” via daily check-ins before each session.
  • Track progress to stay motivated and monitor pain intensity and sleep quality.
  • Watch demo videos and review graphics for guidance on each exercise. Get real-time feedback from the Motion Coach when you upgrade.
  • Access the knowledge bank for educational resources on back pain relief, physical therapy and managing chronic pain.


  • The free app is limited. Users will need to upgrade to pro for meaningful benefits, including more than 250 app exercises for pain management exercises, unlimited guidance, goal setting and chatting with a Kaia coach.

Bottom Line: With lots of educational topics and well-designed exercises, the Kaia – Back Pain Exercises app can complement existing work with a doctor or other health professional to manage pain.

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Marisa Moore
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