A ‘Salad Spinner’ For the Kitchen-Space Challenged

Tomorrow's Kitchen Dry & Store
Photo: Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RD, CLT

Product reviewed: Tomorrow’s Kitchen Dry & Store

Truth be told, I haven’t used a salad spinner in years. Perhaps it was the size of the food grade ones I used when working in restaurants that deterred me from investing in one — who knows? But when I was approached to review the Dry & Store foldable salad spinner, I was intrigued by the “foldable” feature — translation: takes up minimal space — so I decided to give it a whirl.

Tomorrow’s Kitchen hit the nail on the thinking-outside-the-box head when it came up with the Dry & Store! Not only is this small and compact, it also serves as a handy way to store produce in the fridge. A 'Salad Spinner' For the Kitchen-Space Challenged - Say goodbye to those pre-cut salads that end up sitting in a pool of water by the next morning. Can we get a heck yes for reducing food waste!

Truth be told, when I opened the box I was a little confused. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as appearance, and when I pulled out what resembled a dish towel and waterproof mat, I thought maybe I had been sent a cleaning kitchen tool to try out. If you’re thinking this product will resemble more of a strainer type of apparatus, it will not!

The Dry & Store came with a small book of instructions. While there are no words, the pictures give away exactly what the product is meant to do. A quick word to the Type-A, everything-needs-to-line-up folks: The waterproof exterior doesn’t perfectly line up with the foldable cloth, so make note of that and know it’ll still work just fine.

I kept my lettuce wrapped inside this product for 24 hours in the fridge and it looked great, but I recommend keeping it no longer than 2 to 3 days for optimum quality and freshness, and less if you have other vegetables such as tomatoes tossed in, too. While the cloth is machine-washable (without fabric softener), I would recommend storing only those vegetables that don’t bleed (i.e. no red beets). I’m also a little neurotic with food safety so be sure you are using hot, soapy water to clean the waterproof exterior, and let it air dry so it doesn’t develop a mildew smell.

All in all, Tomorrow’s Kitchen Dry & Store is worth the investment if you prepare salads frequently and struggle with getting moisture off your produce. It’s lightweight and easy to store, thus perfect if space is an issue.

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Elizabeth Shaw
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