Is Dairy-free the Next Big Diet Craze?

Dairy-free products are gaining momentum in the marketplace—and people with dairy-related intolerances and allergies are not their only audience. In addition to vegans, seekers of Kosher Parve products and shoppers concerned about hormones and antibiotics, consumers also are turning to a dairy-free diet (often coupled with gluten-free) as a way to shed pounds, prevent chronic disease and improve overall health. While it’s true that many dairy foods can be high in fat, saturated fat and calories, dairy-free dieters can be at risk for deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D. On the upside, foods that are naturally dairy-free include whole grains, meats, nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Studies are under way to follow the impact of a dairy-free lifestyle on conditions from autism to autoimmune diseases, and findings will likely fuel or fetter the dairy-free diet trend.


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