APP REVIEW: Gluten Free Restaurant Cards From

By Pepper Stuff

RATING: 2 Stars

The Gluten Free Restaurant Cards app allows people managing celiac disease or gluten intolerance to safely and easily dine out, even in another country. This app has more than 40 card images in different languages that can be presented to explain dietary restrictions to the restaurant staff, allowing a person to eat right regardless of language barriers.



  • Can select different languages
  • Useful for those who travel and suffer from celiac disease
  • Reports accurate information with definitions and further information


  • Poor screen resolution
  • Would need international smart phone for use

This app would be great if you have gluten intolerance and are traveling out of the country, but you could probably delete it as soon as you’re home and not miss it. When traveling, may be more useful to communicate to the restaurant ahead of time regarding restrictions or present the staff with an actual gluten-free dining card.

—Jessica Crandall, RD, CDE

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