Pretty, Petite Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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Product reviewed: Eparé Mini Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Hiking, camping and traveling nationally in vans and RVs is one of the hottest COVID-19 trends. With it comes an uptick in interest in cooking outdoors. Eco-friendly gear is increasingly important to consumers, so reusable, miniature options for seasoning foods — like the Eparé Mini Salt and Pepper Grinder Set — are especially handy. If you’re on the hunt for a way to make healthful eating while socializing outdoors easier and more delicious, this salt and pepper grinder set is for you.Pretty, Petite Salt and Pepper Grinder Set -

Chic with a simple design, the Eparé grinders feature a clear glass base and a black handle on the pepper and a white one for the salt. They come with a small stand made of no-scratch acrylic for durability. The adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism is easy to adjust: Turn the cap of each grinder to the left for larger, coarser pieces or to the right for finer granules. The grinders are quite petite (3.5 inches tall and 1.2 inches in diameter) and weigh 2 ounces yet hold 0.3 ounces of salt and pepper each, so they’re ideal for on-the-go cooking, camping and picnics or for small living spaces such as apartments, dorm rooms or studio kitchens.

These salt and pepper grinders are ready to use as soon as you open the packaging. They come with simple care instructions indicating you can simply wash them with soap and warm water, then put them to use immediately.

Because the Eparé Mini Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is made of clear glass, it could be fun to use pink Himalayan sea salt or rainbow peppercorns inside to add an interesting and unexpected color to your seasoning.

I would definitely recommend this as a gift for a friend who loves hiking, backpacking or who eats on the go a lot. Consider using the set for flights during which you may need a little extra seasoning on your food, or if you’re going to be serving meals outdoors and want a simple way to add a pinch of salt and pepper to the food as a garnish.

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