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Product reviewed: Hamilton Beach Egg Bites Maker

The other day, I made egg bites in muffin tins and it didn’t turn out well. My tins were ruined because, though I used oil in the bottom, the egg stuck and no amount of scraping and washing could clean them. I ordered silicone muffin tin liners, which worked better. When I saw the Hamilton Beach Egg Bites Maker, I knew I had to try it.Healthy Egg Bites Made Easy -

This small and simple machine has four pieces: the base, a cup for measuring and pouring water, the two egg mold cups and the lid. At 4.6-by-8.0-by-5.69 inches, it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and can easily be stored in a cabinet. Every part except the base is dishwasher-safe. Cooking time is indicated by two lights on the front of the machine — a green one and a red one — so there’s no need to worry about mastering a timer or other settings.

Using this egg bite maker is extremely simple. Whisk together two eggs and season them however you want, whether simply with a dash of salt and pepper or with added cheese, vegetables, protein and other herbs and spices. The instruction manual also has recipe ideas.

The Egg Bites Maker uses a steam process to cook the eggs. Use the included measuring cup to fill the base of the machine with water, then pour your egg mixture into the two cups, close the lid and plug it in. The red light will come on, indicating you shouldn’t open the lid while it cooks. The egg bites cook in about eight to 10 minutes, at which time the green light illuminates, indicating the bites are ready. Unplug the machine, then carefully open the lid. A little steam will come out, but it doesn’t seem dangerous or too hot. The egg bites pop out very easily, even without using oil in the tins.

Since this product cooks with hot steam, use caution around kids. Pre-teen or teenage children could use it to make their own breakfast or snack, but they should be educated about the steam and its potential to cause burns if the tool is not used correctly.

I can see myself using the Egg Bites Maker in the future for a (safe and socially distant) brunch or breakfast with friends. Families and those who want to cook batches in advance would need to keep the machine running for a while to cook enough eggs. It would be great to have a machine with more cooking tins, but luckily this one cooks quickly.

I would absolutely recommend this product to a client who needed an easy way to make breakfast or snacks. Since it’s so easy and quick to use, you could pour the eggs in while you’re getting ready for work or school, then pop them out onto a plate to grab and go. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to make high-protein egg bites without added fat, for those looking to cut back on butter or oil, and an easy way to add vegetables, herbs and spices into the diet.

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