Make a Frozen Nondairy Treat in Minutes


Product Reviewed:

It was a Saturday, my husband and I had just finished some yard work and ice cream sounded like it would absolutely hit the spot. However, my husband doesn’t do that well with dairy. Time to break out the Yonanas machine!

The machine itself was easy to put together. It took about 20 minutes to assemble everything the first time, the directions were very clear and it even included an extensive recipe book (with ice creams, sorbets and even full-fledged ice cream cakes!).

With the Yonanas machine, all you have to do is let pre-frozen bananas sit out for about 15 minutes or so and throw them down the chute. As always, we had some dark chocolate on hand so we decided to go with a chocolate-banana version. I was surprised that the dark chocolate went right down the chute with the bananas, too.

Now, personally, I love bananas; I eat them every day. Quite honestly, sometimes I eat multiple bananas a day. On the other hand, my husband could take them or leave them, so he was worried the banana flavor would overpower the dessert. After trying the finished product, he said consistency and flavor were perfect — the banana was not over powering at all!

Each banana seemed to make about ⅓ cup ice cream. I found that a serving made from a pair of bananas was the perfect portion for me. One thing to note: since the Yonanas machine uses fruit as its main ingredient, anyone following a low-sugar diet or lower carbohydrate diet may want to limit their portions.

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