A Perfect Pour of Oil and Vinegar

Rosle Oil and Vinegar

Product Reviewed:
Rösle Oil Dispenser and Vinegar Sprayer

Rösle brings its famed German engineering to these aesthetically pleasing tabletop products, made with clear, thick glass bases and stainless steel tops.

The Oil Dispenser can be used for adding precise quantities of oil to salads, meat and fish dishes. According to instructions, the dispenser “is designed to avoid messy spills on the worktop.” I tested it by drizzling my lunch of mixed greens, tuna and cherry tomatoes with a small stream of basil-flavored olive oil. It worked great, instead of the generous dousing that could result if I was pouring directly from the bottle.

The Vinegar Sprayer features a spray nozzle reminiscent of a hairspray bottle to shoot vinegar out in an even spray or spritz (as opposed to the small stream from the Oil Dispenser). The product specs for the Vinegar Sprayer suggest adding a fine spray of vinegar over tomatoes and mozzarella, or to salads. It can also be used for adding final touches to sauces and other dishes, or for seasoning at the table.

While it’s certainly attractive, I was curious why the manufacturers opted to use clear glass in the Oil Dispenser. Exposure to light can result in a loss of antioxidants and an increase in rancidity compared to oil stored in tinted canisters. Interestingly, many such dispensers are manufactured from clear glass. To prevent this problem, I recommend storing the Rösle Oil Dispenser in the pantry between uses.

Despite this warning, both the Rösle Oil Dispenser and Vinegar Sprayer are a nice addition to any home cook’s collection, and look lovely atop the dinner table.

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