Gixo (iOS Version 1.5.2)

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Gixo lets you take live fitness classes from wherever you are with real-time input and a connection to your coach and classmates.

 Platform and Price

Subscription $24.99/month with 30-day free trial. Apple and Android.

RDN Score:

5 out of 5


  • User-friendly design that keeps the user engaged.
  • Access a variety of classes (set to different music genres) like Total Core, Indoor Cardio, Circuit Training and Booty Work starting as early as 5 a.m. and as late as 11:30 p.m. ET.
  • A live coach instructs and motivates you through group classes. The coach keeps you on track and accountable with emphatic comments like “you’re crushing your goal today” or “you’re almost there!”
  • Monitor whether you are on- or off-goal with a green or red banner visible throughout the session.
  • Coaches can see and track your speed, distance, elevation change, step count, location and weather conditions where you are.
  • Option to shut off camera, microphone and coach and classmate calls and messages during class to stay anonymous or enjoy a workout without their input.
  • Sync with Apple Health to automatically save workout data.
  • Great music makes you feel like you are in the actual class.
  • Message the instructor with questions or challenge classmates with preset messages like “let’s race” or “you got this” during class.
  • Control the audio balance with a slider to better hear the coach or pump up the music.
  • Includes a water break, warm up and cool down demonstrated by real people.
  • New classes and sequences added periodically so you’ll feel like you’re getting a new workout.
  • View course level, intensity and equipment requirements and the breakdown between cardio, mobility and strength in minutes before signing up.
  • Sign up for classes a week or more ahead and get reminders and see who’s attending.
  • First month is free after signing up for the cancel anytime subscription. Unlimited classes thereafter are $24.99 per month.


  • Can’t sign up without sharing a valid mobile phone number.
  • Though full name, email address and phone number and location are not visible to other users, it is available to the coaches.
  • It’s a battery hog. Expect to use at least 18 percent battery power for a 30-minute class.

Bottom Line:

Newcomer Gixo mimics in-person classes like few others have. Privacy issues aside, Gixo is ideal for those who enjoy group classes but want them in a fun, convenient and affordable platform.

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