Darkroom (iOS Version 3.1)

Synopsis of the AppDarkroom App Icon

The newly redesigned Darkroom app is a robust photo editor that lets you access many of the same editing tools as professional photography editing software on the go.

Platform and Price

Free + in-app purchases. Apple only.

RDN Score:

5 out of 5


  • User-friendly design.
  • Access your entire photo library organized by album without importing each one individually.
  • Fully featured tools for editing on the go from color correction to perspective adjustments.
  • Batch any number or set of photos for editing at once.
  • Easily copy edits and apply to other photos.
  • Create and save custom filters or use the ones included.
  • Track, undo and redo edits while you work with Darkroom’s history button.
  • Easily access final images in the dedicated “edited” section.
  • Supports editing and exporting a range of large and high-resolution images including RAW files.
  • Use the transform tool to adjust vertical and horizontal perspective and fix bad angles.
  • Automatically hide screenshots from your homepage to keep the workspace clutter-free.
  • Export photos as 80 to 100% JPEG, tiff, Live photo and PNG.
  • Includes preset aspect ratios for Instagram portrait and landscape and others including 1-1 square, HD and cinematic export options.
  • Share images directly to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Upgrade for additional tools such as the curve and color tools for even more editing power.
  • Includes 11 tutorials for using curves, editing for dramatic black and white images, and more.
  • Works without an Internet connection.


  • Available for the iPhone only with no immediate plans to expand to the iPad or Android platform.
  • Darkroom still uses battery power quickly.

Bottom Line:

Darkroom is billed as the only photo editor you need. This fully featured mobile editor is ideal for anyone who needs to edit on the go or shares images online.

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