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Halftime at my parents’ annual Super Bowl party involves two things: critiques of the over-the-top musical performance and grilling. My dad, husband and uncles usually handle the latter while my mom and I stay glued to the TV for the former. But who says girls can’t grill? This year, using the GrillGrate, I gave it a go. (And you can just imagine how the guys felt about having a registered dietitian in charge of the grill!)

I’m now happy to report that whatever reservations my family had about my grilling abilities are now gone forever after tasting my healthy barbecued chicken. And I owe my rave reviews to the GrillGrate.

Grilling is one of my favorite ways to prepare foods. There’s something about cooking over an open flame that makes flavors come alive, and we all know that taste is the No. 1 reason people choose to eat the foods they do. As a result, grilling makes healthy foods like lean meats and vegetables appetizing without having to smother them in breading or fattening dressings.

The GrillGrate is made of interlocking metal panels with a “raised rail” design. The panels sit on top of any grilling surface and raise food above grill flames to protect from flare-ups and create even heat distribution. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the unique three-dimensional design results in juicier and more tender meats and perfect sear marks. The most innovative component of the GrillGrate is the fork-like spatula that slides smoothly into the ridges of the silver panels, allowing for effortless flipping of grilled food.

For our family party, I went set up a trial: I cooked half of our chicken on the GrillGrate, and the other half directly on the open-flame grill. The GrillGrate meat sliced with ease and exuded succulent juices. My taste buds confirmed what my eyes saw and I enjoyed each and every bite of the flavor-filled chicken. My family agreed that there was no comparison to the traditionally grilled chicken, which was drier, more difficult to chew, and less tasty.

I even made a Grill Grate believer out of my dad. After the Super Bowl ended, he was actually sad to see it packed up to go. But I now know what I’m getting for him for Father’s Day!

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