One Drop Diabetes Management (iOS Version 3.9.2)

Synopsis of the AppOne Drop Diabetes Management app icon

One Drop Diabetes Management pens itself as everything you need to manage diabetes, all in one place.

Platform and Price

Free. Android and Apple.

RDN Score:

4 out of 5


  • User-friendly design.
  • Includes a privacy policy for both the U.S. and the European Union.
  • Offers on-demand support from a live Certified Diabetes Educator.
  • Includes provisions for all diabetes types from the most common like Pre-Diabetes and Types 1 and 2 to 1.5 (LADA), MODY, Gestational and surgical- or chemically induced diabetes.
  • Select a One Drop focus such as help with carb counting, staying on top of medication and seeing blood glucose trends based on key concerns or problem areas.
  • Automatically sync data with glucose monitoring devices and insulin pumps to easily track data.
  • Log food moments by searching the food library or manually entering carb numbers.
  • Get reminders to take medication, log drug intake and track basal rates for your insulin pump.
  • Track physical activity using the phone’s pedometer or sync data with a fitness tracker.
  • Enter and track weight, insulin units, carbs and basic labs like A1C.
  • View and enter daily stats and data in metric or customary units, and set health goals
  • Get access to free recipes from the community.
  • Enter your care team details to easily contact them and share information.
  • View reports for blood glucose and export select data.
  • Easily adjust text readability as needed.
  • Enable a food library for specific regions throughout the world including Australia, United States, United Kingdom and China.
  • Active community of people logging activity and offering peer-to-peer support.
  • Extensive FAQ both online and linked within the app for additional support and a helpful tutorial for newbies.


  • Requires internet or cellular data to log in to access any content.
  • Many of the fields require manual entry, which can become tedious and impact long-term use.
  • Log doesn’t prompt for stress, illness or other issues that may impact blood glucose levels.
  • While North America and Europe are covered, South America, Africa and most of Asia are not represented in the food library choices.

Bottom Line:

Especially helpful for those who need to simply track blood glucose, medication and insulin dosages and intake, One Drop is an easy way to track and manage your diabetes on-the-go.

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