Switcher Go (iOS Version 1.1.0)

Synopsis of the AppSwitcher Go app icon

Part of the Switcher mobile video creation ecosystem, Switcher Go lets you add an additional camera, photos and videos to produce good-looking video on-the-go for Facebook Live and YouTube.

Platform and Price

Free. Android and Apple.

RDN Score:

5 out of 5


  • Simple design.
  • Add a camera plus up to 4 photos or videos to your Facebook or You Tube live stream.
  • Record in the Switcher Go app or log in with Facebook or YouTube Live to broadcast directly on your channel.
  • Save media in the assets section to add to other videos or live broadcasts with ease.
  • Easily access frame size, duration and file size to easily edit ideal footage for the intended platform.
  • Includes preset broadcast notifications like “broadcast will begin shortly” and “stay tuned” that can easily be dropped in as needed.
  • Use the app as a wireless remote to cue and share video or photos or to produce single-person video shoots and capture shots out of arm’s reach.
  • Incorporate smooth transitions while zooming in and out with the slider function.
  • Blur the background or adjust the depth of field to create videos with a cinematic effect.
  • Adjust video lighting and capture settings like exposure, white-balance and shutter speed.


  • Some functions are not incredibly intuitive at first.
  • Appears to only record in landscape mode which is most suitable for You Tube and less so for Facebook Live tapings
  • Not yet integrated with other live streaming apps.

Bottom Line:

With live video trending up, Switcher Go is worth a try. It serves as a mini production assistant. Ideal for videographers or live streamers who work alone, this app can help you get organized and pull off a broadcast with ease.

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