A Simple, Mess-Free Solution to Toasting Tortillas

The Nuni Tortilla Toaster on a marble countertop
Photo: Vicki Shanta Retelny, RDN

Product reviewed: Nuni™ Tortilla Toaster

We are big taco eaters in my house as it’s a DIY dinner that’s simple and doesn’t require a ton of prep or cleanup. I have to admit that often heating the tortillas gets lost in the shuffle, or they show up burnt on the countertop as they are left in the oven slightly too long. Plus, I’d like to avoid using another skillet to toast tortillas as that’s another item to clean. The idea of a quick way to toast tortillas is appealing. The Nuni™ Tortilla Toaster offers an innovative and handy solution to everyday tortilla toasting.

The appliance is a six-slot toaster made specifically for toasting 4-inch to 10-inch tortillas. Made with a rubber surface to sit firmly on the countertop, a crumb holder for easy clean-up, a handy timer control to set toasting time from 30 to 70 seconds depending upon preference, and an LED on/off button, this tortilla toaster is a simple, user-friendly appliance. It makes toasting whole-grain, corn or flour tortillas into tasty and nourishing meals and snacks simple.

I love that the toaster comes completely assembled with a detailed instruction booklet. It’s a self-explanatory appliance and it’s kid-friendly, too. My middle-school aged children had no problem loading, setting it and unloading the toasted tortillas. The tortillas nestle nicely into the slots of the toaster; just lift up the front bezel and the control button lights up to indicate that toasting has begun. It beeps when the tortillas are toasted, and there is an “off” button in the center that can be pressed to stop the toasting session anytime.

Be aware that it’s only for tortillas — naan and pita bread are not meant for this appliance and do not fit into the slots — and I did try it out with both!

The Nuni™ Tortilla Toaster gets my thumbs up. It’s not only a pretty appliance to have on your countertop, but it’s a no-brainer to use. It’s foolproof — you set it and forget it — and you can toast tortillas as you get all of your other ingredients assembled. A Simple, Mess-Free Solution to Toasting Tortillas - Plus, there’s no additional clean-up and you don’t have to fire up either the stovetop or oven.

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Vicki Shanta Retelny
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