A 4-in-1 Tool for Outdoor Cooking with Confidence

The Maverick PT-60 Pocket Knife Thermocouple Digital Meat Thermometer resting on a plate of food, shot from above
Photo: Anne Cundiff, RD, LD, FAND

Product reviewed: Maverick PT-60 Pocket Knife Thermocouple Digital Meat Thermometer 

The warmer months brings a few things to mind: grilling, food safety and outdoor adventures. There is nothing like the experience of being around the grill. The smell of food and the conversations with family and friends while sitting on the patio sipping a cocktail are priceless. I will be the first to pass off the grilling duties because I am slightly doubtful of my skills cooking the perfect protein to the appropriate temperature. This year, I am grilling with confidence with my new sidekick, the Maverick thermometer.

This all-in-one digital meat thermometer has the bonus of three additional stainless steel tools: knife, corkscrew and bottle opener. It has a simple push button display, auto-off feature, easy to read temperature display and a stainless steel probe to quickly provide the most accurate temperature and ensure food safety.

When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised by the red color, size and weight of the thermometer. The color makes it easy to find in a drawer or bag. It fit nicely in the palm of my hand and would be portable for all types of indoor/outdoor meal prep. There was minimal assembly required — just inserting the included battery.

The probe and additional tools were a bit tough to maneuver out of their slots but I think with more use, they would more easily glide out. All of the tools are very sturdy and user-friendly for outdoor meal prep. The knife swiftly cut through the packaging surrounding the two-inch pork chops I was going to grill, and I believe the knife would be strong enough to cut vegetables, fruit and thinner slices of meat. The stainless steel probe and implements are a breeze to clean by wiping down with a sudsy dishcloth, followed by a quick dry with a dishtowel.

While grilling my pork chops, I checked the temperature multiple times and received a reading in less than 10 seconds. The quick read and accuracy gave me confidence in cooking and food safety. During the cooking process, I also was able to easily open a bottle of wine and a couple bottles of beer for my guests. The pork chops turned out perfectly, and I felt more confident at the grill using this thermometer.

If I decide to go on an outdoor adventure such as “glamping,” this tool definitely will come along. I would recommend this for any outdoor enthusiast who cooks, hikes, camps and safely enjoys a few glasses of wine. It would be unsafe for children to use and difficult for individuals with arthritis to use the additional tools. To make the tools more user-friendly, I would recommend lubricating the joints where the tools pull out prior to use. I have multiple thermometers in my house and this will now be my go-to for temping meat when prepared indoors or outdoorsA 4-in-1 Tool for Outdoor Cooking with Confidence -

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