Oatsy (Version iOS 1.7.8)

Oatsy (Version iOS 1.7.8) -Synopsis: Oatsy is a food diary and fitness tracker that promises key features for free.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 2/5


  • Simple and clean design to record exercise, steps and food intake from the home screen dashboard.
  • Set goals to lose or gain weight.
  • Oatsy provides free macros tracking, health score and meal plans; some of these are paid features with competitors such as MyFitnessPal and Lifesum.
  • Track macros and choose from diet plans including a balanced diet, intermittent fasting and others.
  • Access a database of more than 980,000 foods, some of which can be easily accessed using the Oatsy barcode scanner.
  • Option to opt out of the health access categories (gender, steps and weight), if privacy is a concern.
  • Can skip profile setup at the expense of customized recommendations.
  • All features are free and unlocked.
  • Includes a small collection of recipes with room to add your own foods.
  • Includes a water tracker and daily nutrition summary.
  • Track fitness progress using a variety of activities or add your own to the log.
  • Syncs with the Apple Health app to automatically track steps if you permit access.
  • Offers an option to share photos, recipes and progress with the Oatsy community.


  • Oatsy content includes grammatical errors and misspellings, which take away from its credibility.
  • Content is rather generic.
  • The app provides a “fit score” without any real inputs, so accuracy is questionable.
  • Oatsy uses a traffic light system that lists foods such as salmon or eggs as “yellow” alongside potato chips, bacon, sausage and muffins.

Bottom Line: Oatsy is similar to other calorie counter apps but makes the content and tracking available at no cost. Given the cons listed, Oatsy might work for those who already have a good bit of nutrition knowledge or those who can easily identify what nutrition guidance they should take or leave — but there are better options on the market.

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Marisa Moore
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