An Essential Piece of Cookware for a Perfect Loaf of Bread

An Essential Piece of Cookware for a Perfect Loaf of Bread - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: Emile Henry Artisan Bread Loaf Baker

I had never baked a loaf of real, artisan bread in my life, but like so many others, I recently jumped on the sourdough bandwagon. I bought and learned how to maintain a starter, and my kids sent me 10 pounds of organic rye flour for Mother’s Day. The one thing I’ve been missing is a bread baker, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Emile Henry Artisan Bread Loaf Baker.

Beautiful, sturdy and ceramic, this two-piece bread baker is generously sized (13.6 inches by 8.9 inches), so it accommodates a very large loaf, as well as a smaller one. While you can bake bread without a ceramic bread baker, it’s a little tricky to get that perfect crunchy brown crust. This bread loaf baker does the trick — and so easily.An Essential Piece of Cookware for a Perfect Loaf of Bread -

I’ll admit I’m still learning about sourdough and the whole bread baking process. Previously, I tried baking a loaf on a stone baking sheet and in a Dutch oven. Both require preheating the pan or baking sheet, changing the oven temperature midway, removing a very hot lid and too much babysitting as the bread bakes.

The Emile Henry Artisan Bread Loaf Baker makes the process so simple. Just pop your proofed dough into the baker, cover it with the lid and put it into a hot oven. I used it to make a large loaf of sourdough rye with sesame and pumpkin seeds on top. I’m thrilled to say the crust was perfect and the bread was chewy and moist inside. And no need for any temperature changes, lid lifting or babysitting!

I love this bread baker, but I do wish it had handles. It’s large and a bit heavy with a big loaf of bread inside. I was nervous that it might slip out of my oven mitts while removing it from a 425°F oven.

Overall, I highly recommend the Emile Henry Artisan Bread Loaf Baker. If you bake bread and want a perfect crust with no fuss, this piece of cookware is worth the investment.

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