Twins Test Microplane Kids Cooking Tools with a Great Deal of Zest

Twins Test Microplane Kids Cooking Tools with a Great Deal of Zest - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product Reviewed: Microplane Kids Cooking Tools (Glove and Zester)

Well before the pandemic, my twin daughters were already tasting, testing and experimenting in the kitchen. To say they enjoy cooking and baking is an understatement. Months prior, they learned to chiffonade basil using a paring knife (safely and with supervision, of course). But the grater has always been a sore spot — no pun intended. So, when we received the Microplane Kids Cooking Tools (Glove and Zester) set, I couldn’t wait for the twins to try it.

First, I must say, some of the healthiest, tastiest (and GERD-friendly) meals can be enhanced with a little zest for essence and garnish. Zest adds a wonderful citrus flavoring to dressings, baked chicken, seared fish and more without triggering reflux. So, the zester it’s a great tool for me and others prone to acid reflux. But enough about me and my GERD patients. This one’s for my girls!

The child-safe kitchen tool set comes with a mesh glove to protect little fingers and hands from the sharp blades of the petite, slim ergonomic zester. I can now enlist enthusiast support when it comes to fine grating. I bought a bag of lemons and let my girls go to town with their new cooking tools set. I watched them zest away as they prepared to make Lemon Bars, a no-fail treat for my baking-savvy twins.Twins Test Microplane Kids Cooking Tools with a Great Deal of Zest - They took turns, switching the glove from Ailish’s right hand to Julia’s left and visa-versa for the slim, effective zester. One girl held my iPhone to record time-lapse action, while the other was busy grating heaps of lemon zest.

What I love about this set is that the glove can be used on either hand, which is perfect because one of my girls is a lefty. The slim design is easy to use and fit comfortably in my girls’ hands. And while the glove may be slightly snug for my petite hands, I know I can “borrow” the zester at any time. As for ease of operation, the piles of shiny, bright (pith-free) lemon zest on the cutting board are all the proof you need. I had plenty of zest for flavoring and garnishing, even after the girls polished off the last of those glossy Lemon Bars. The recipe requires a bit of zest essentially for the essence (not the texture, as it is ultimately strained out), and my girls also chose to garnish them with zest for a pretty accent.

To sum it up, my twin girls had a ball working the zester, resulting in a nice pile of fine, light, grated peelings (no bitterness, just plenty of good essence). Fortunately, they took turns peacefully — no fighting. The Microplane Kids Cooking Tools (Glove and Zester) set is definitely a winner for this household!

Twins Test Microplane Kids Cooking Tools with a Great Deal of Zest -
Lemon Bars. Photo by Lauren O’Connor.
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