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Product reviewed: NatureZway cleaning products 

Recycling, sustainability and going green are the future, and we all need to do our part to save Earth. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and food blog owner, I have a big responsibility when it comes to using eco-friendly products. I clean my kitchen daily, make multiple grocery shopping trips per week and make at least five to seven recipes a week for my business. That’s why I was so excited to try NatureZway’s products! They are an environment-friendly company that produces eco-friendly products to help save the earth and make the world a better place for us and future generations.Clean and Green in 2020 -

Here are the tools I have been using and highly recommend:

  • NatureZway All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth (2-pack)
  • NatureZway Bamboo Vegetable Brush with Natural Fiber Bristles
  • NatureZway Perforated Towels (25 sheets)

What I love most about the cleaning cloths is that they are extremely absorbent. I mainly used them in the kitchen to wipe up water spills and dry my hands. They are safe on any surface, dry dishes very well and are machine washable. These cloths also are great for cleaning the bathroom. Just by touching the towels, you’ll notice how sturdy they are. You can quickly tell they will hold up longer than a regular dish towel.

Using a vegetable brush is a common practice in my household. I love the round shape of the NatureZway brush and that the bristles are made with natural fibers from the tampico plant, which provide greater water absorption than plastic bristles. This brush works great on any vegetable you need to scrub debris off of, such as potatoes and squash. It doesn’t bruise or damage delicate veggies either. My husband and I love to eat russet and sweet potatoes, so we are excited to have this tool in our house.

The NatureZway Perforated Towels are very impressive. My favorite thing is that the towels are reusable; you can use one sheet up to 100 times. Just wash, rinse and dry the towel for later use! These are perfect for a busy day in the kitchen with a lot of clean-up, which often is a typical day for me. My husband loved that he wasn’t throwing away a paper towel and going through a roll so quickly. The towels are very convenient, sturdy and sustainable. Like many of NatureZway’s cleaning products, the perforated towels are rayon made from bamboo cellulose. The bamboo plant is a sustainable source with many advantages. Using this product will help save trees and is one way to be more eco-friendly.

All in all, I highly recommend NatureZway products and think we all have a duty to use more eco-friendly products to help save the earth. Cheers to cleaning green in 2020!

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