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Lazy Delicious Volume 8, Issue 6 - Food & Nutrition Magazine
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Pilfer your pantry and make something out of nothing!Lazy Delicious Volume 8, Issue 6 -

Green madness tuna: To a blender, add plain Greek yogurt, a pinch of salt and green vegetables and herbs of choice such as spinach, cilantro, avocado, green onion and jalapeño. Blend to make a green sauce. Mix sauce with drained tuna and eat on a tostada or inside an English muffin.

Lissette Llamas, RDN, CDE

Ingredient Improv: Incorporate other green ingredients including basil, kale, chard or dandelion greens. Not a fan of tuna? Use shredded cooked chicken, turkey or pork. Add a dash of salsa verde and serve in a tortilla or on whole-grain bread.

Nondairy milk: To make 30-second nondairy milk with no straining required, blend about 2 tablespoons smooth nut butter with ¼ to ½ cup filtered water in a high-speed blender. Add 2 to 3 cups water and blend to desired consistency. For best results, use a nut butter without added oils. Store in the fridge for up to a week.

Kyla Kurczewski, RDN, CPT

Ingredient Improv: Make a nut-free version using sunflower seed butter. For a touch of sweetness, add honey or dates along with vanilla extract and cinnamon.

Quick fruit crisp: In a microwave-safe bowl, heat a single serving of cut seasonal fruit or berries until warm. Sprinkle with granola.

Melissa Giamanco, RD

Ingredient Improv: If your favorite fruit isn’t in season, use thawed frozen fruit. Take it up a notch by topping the crisp with some whipped cream, vanilla yogurt or ice cream.

Mushrooms and rice: Top ½ to ¾ cup cooked instant brown rice and quinoa mix with two soft-boiled eggs. Add in microwaved frozen mushrooms, if desired. Sprinkle with some coconut aminos and enjoy!

Lauren Kronisch, RD

Ingredient Improv: Use any cooked grain such as basmati rice or farro. Roughly chop hard-boiled eggs. For a savory and spicy alternative, mix with a few dashes of soy sauce and Sriracha. Add in any leftover cooked vegetables such as wilted spinach, steamed broccoli or carrots.

Quick quiche: For a quick breakfast quiche, cook frozen spinach and bell peppers in a 9-inch cast-iron skillet. In a bowl, whisk together about 6 eggs and enough chicken broth to thin out the egg. Pour into skillet, stir to combine and cook in the oven at 400°F for approximately 15 minutes or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. Top with shredded cheese.

Kate Ricciardi, DPT, RDN, CLT

Ingredient Improv: Use low-sodium vegetable stock to keep it vegetarian. Add sliced, precooked chicken apple sausage for a meaty version. Top with fresh chopped

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