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Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer

Paderno Mincer

When first glancing at the Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer, I was skeptical. Would it be possible for this hand-powered device to mince items better than an electronic food processor or grinder? Now, after testing it with numerous raw and cooked veggies, I no longer doubt its abilities, and it has earned a rightful place in my kitchen.

The grinder/mincer comes disassembled for cleaning and storage purposes, but the instructions for assembly are clear and easy to follow. As I still had not given one of the latest food trends, cauliflower crust, a try, I decided that this would be the recipe that would christen my new kitchen toy! The product comes with two different disc screens, fine or coarse, which mince items into either a smaller or larger size; I chose the larger screen for this dish. After dicing the raw cauliflower into small chunks, as recommended by the manufacturer, I ran it through the appliance, and it exited from the other end in the exact cauliflower “rice” texture that I desired to make my crust. The same results were seen when mincing raw carrots for use in homemade Italian white bean burgers, rice pilafs and carrot cake pancakes and muffins.

One surprise was the strength required for turning the grinder/mincer handle. Unless you are interested in an arm workout, I recommend that you stick with using cooked vegetables or starches, like beets or potatoes, with this appliance. Cooked potatoes can be run through the grinder/mincer, using the larger disc screen, to easily make small batches of mashed potatoes. The evenly minced vegetables that this kitchen tool produces can also be used in salads and stir fries or snuck into kid-friendly recipes, like quick breads or tomato sauces, to incorporate more veggies into your meals. And, despite the suction base working when not in use, the force required to crank the handle caused the appliance to slide during use. Even wiping the base with a clean, dry cloth and ensuring that the counter was dry, as recommended by the manufacturer, were ineffective at combating this problem.

Although you may need a little patience when using the product, the Paderno Multi-Grinder/Mincer does produce high-quality results, and its dishwasher-safe attachments make cleaning the appliance a breeze! I will continue to use this grinder/mincer regularly for cooked vegetables, but its use for raw vegetables may be designated for special occasions only.

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Colleen Sideck, MPH, RDN, is a registered dietitian based in the Washington, DC, metro area. She shares her passion for health and wellness through her work as a program coordinator for a national corporate wellness company. Colleen enjoys running, hiking, practicing yoga and experimenting in the kitchen to create flavorful, plant-based meals. She blogs at Plant Packed Plates. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.